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Name Sawyier, Paul

Associated Records

Image of Drawing - Augustus E. Willson

Drawing - Augustus E. Willson

This charcoal sketch is of Augustus Willson. The portrait is a bust image and shows Willson wearing a dark jacket with lapels, light vest with one button showing, light shirt with stiff starched standup collar, and dark necktie. He is clean shaven with short hair parted on the left proper. He is looking straight at the viewer. The left side proper of his face is more worn and drawn looking.

Image of Painting - Sand Dunes

Painting - Sand Dunes

The painting by Paul Sawyier is an impressionistic view of sand dunes with grass under a blue sky. There are buildings in the background that are supposedly the Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.

Image of Painting - River Logging

Painting - River Logging

The painting depicts a river logging near Frankfort Kentucky. The foreground has the river extending from right to left and vanishing into the center of the paper. There is a group of log (and perhaps a raft) floating in the river along the right and near the bank. The right middle ground has a stand of large trees in green foliage along the bank. The background has the left and right river banks. The right bank has building dotting the bank with a smokestack (?). There appear to be boats along the riverbank. The left bank has larger trees and some building scattered within the trees and along the bank. The center background has faded tree covered hills. The top half contains the sky

Image of Portrait - Miniature of unknown woman

Portrait - Miniature of unknown woman

This is a round miniature portrait of a woman. The woman faces left. She has brown hair pulled up. Her neck and most of shoulders are bare, and she is wearing a blue/white dress with fluffy lace netting adding volume to the lower half of the image. The woman appears to have an orange, coral earring as her only adornment. The painting is done on a circular piece of ivory approximately 2 1/8" in diameter. The painting is encased in a round brass frame with clipped triangular shaped tabs on back to hold image and backing in place. At the top of the frame is an oval brass loop. There is a glass front and the painting is backed with paper and green satin.

Image of Painting - Kentucky River Scene

Painting - Kentucky River Scene

This painting is called "Kentucky River Scene" and was painted by Paul Sawyier around 1910. There is a blue pool of river water on the left side of the painting with a rocky shore and a grassy hill ending with trees at the top on the right. In the background there looks to be a hill filled with trees and maybe bushes at the bottom of the hill at the shore line.

Image of Painting - Braking Hemp,The Hemp Breaker

Painting - Braking Hemp,The Hemp Breaker

The central figure is an African-American male in gray trousers, white long sleeved shirt, red suspenders, and a floppy hat. He is feeding hemp fibers into a wooden hemp brake. The brake is red and blue. Scattered in the background and in the left foreground are shocks of hemp stalks.

Image of Painting - Big Eddy

Painting - Big Eddy

Two cottage structures are located on right side of painting and are mostly obscured by trees. The houses are surrounded by a white picket fence. The river can be seen in the distance in the left background. A central feature of the painting is a lone thin tree in the left foreground.

Image of Painting - George Berry's House

Painting - George Berry's House

On the right side of the painting is a red brick house with two porches showing and a second gable. In the background on the horizon is the roof of another structure. Several trees in the background and on the left side of the painting. There is a thin tree in fall foliage in left foreground.

Image of Painting - Macy's Kentucky River

Painting - Macy's Kentucky River

A wide river scene that shows reflections of both banks in the water. The river curves to the left with a wooded left bank is in middle background.The right bank is rocky in right foreground and curves around to a wooded background.

Image of Painting - The Walled City

Painting - The Walled City

A laid stone gateway with curving walled causeway leads off to the right. Wrought iron lamps flank the gate. A horse drawn cart with driver and passengers emerges from the gate. A woman with an umbrella strolls on the causeway walls. Three trees emerge above gate on the left and other buildings with domed roofs are seen in right background.

Image of Painting - Devil's Hollow

Painting - Devil's Hollow

This landscape depicts a road lined with trees and a stone fence. There is a bridge in the middle of the painting, and water on the left side of the painting.

Image of Painting - Rockaway -- Long Island

Painting - Rockaway -- Long Island

This is a coastal scene from Rockaway Beach in Long Island, New York. There are three low roofed wooden structures and an American flag on a flag pole in the left side of the painting. Other structures are dimly seen in the center foreground. The coast curves to the right with a rocky beach in the foreground. A small section of the ocean can be seen on the right.

Painting - Spring Returned

This vertical oil on board painting depicts a small meadow with grass, other foliage and trees. The foreground shows the green grassy meadow with scattered color. The center contains a line of small trees or other shrubbery with colorful foliage. Two taller trees in the upper center and right are covered in green leaves. The sky is blue/gray with a white cloud in the upper left corner. The painting is signed in the lower left corner. The panel is framed in green/gray and gold trim frame with a brown paper dust cover.

Image of Print - Old Covered Bridge over Kentucky River at Frankfort

Print - Old Covered Bridge over Kentucky River at Frankfort

This etching is shows the covered bridge that crossed the Kentucky River at St. Clair Street in Frankfort. There are two boats in the foreground. The post office and church steeples are visible in the right background along with other historic buildings. A wall or other structure is on the left background.

Image of Painting - Misty Evening

Painting - Misty Evening

Impressionist river scene that shows a riverboat landing on the northern shore of Kentucky River at Frankfort. Visible in the right foreground are three steamboats and a barge huddled together beside the shore. Barren tree limbs extend over the boats from the right. In the background is a misty outline of Frankfort's skyline including the city courthouse and a church steeple. A bridge is cut off in the left background. Half of the painting is the cloudy sky above.

Image of Painting - Many A Weary Soul..., #16 in 'The Two Villages' series

Painting - Many A Weary Soul..., #16 in 'The Two Villages' series

This watercolor is number sixteen in 'The Two Villages' series painted by Paul Sawyier [unsigned] and based on the poem by Rose Terry Cooke. The painting is on separate sheet and adhered to a matte backing with a line of the poem beneath. The watercolor contains various religious and emotional images created in a dark palette and placed within an amorphous form with one edge or side composed of scrolls and curves. Images noted in this painting include a small child holding a basket (visible in the lower left), a cross on what appears to be a headstone and a lit, gold religious lamp hanging from three chains. The inscription is part of the image. The painting partially covers the sheet. Wash

Image of Painting - Summertime

Painting - Summertime

In this meadow scene a large rock surrounded with bushes fills the immediate foreground. Trees fill the far left foreground and a line of nearby trees stretches off to the right. A house is located up the hill on the right and another structure sits in the far left background. Tree covered hills and a cloudy sky fill the background.

Painting - Top of the Hill

This oil on board painting depicts a grass and tree lined area at a top of a hill. There appear to be rocks, long stemmed grasses and flowers in the foreground and extending to the center. The background consist of a line of green trees set against a gray/white sky. The painting is signed in the lower right corner. The panel is framed in green/gray and gold trim frame with a brown paper dust cover.

Painting - Winterscape

This oil on board painting depicts a gray winter scene probably in Kentucky or possibly New York. The foreground is dominated by a body of water (river or lake?). There are a series of hills in the center background with a diagonal slope in the middle. Trees, bushes and other foliage cover the hill slope and ridges. At the foot of the hills next to the water is a line of houses or other buildings. The sky is white/gray. The painting is signed in the lower right corner. The panel is framed in green/gray and gold trim frame with a brown paper dust cover.

Image of Painting - And Mountain Grasses..., #5 in 'The Two Village' series

Painting - And Mountain Grasses..., #5 in 'The Two Village' series

The painting is # 5 in the 'Two Villages' series. The painting is a landscape of the Frankfort Cemetery overlooking the Kentucky River with the Frankfort skyline in the background in the far left. The foreground has a small tombstone with an urn on the left, toward the right center there is a obelisk with a iron fence, and in the right background is Daniel Boone's grave.