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Name Cecil, Lillie Whitthorne

Associated Records

Image of Dress, Wedding

Dress, Wedding -

This cream silk dress has a bodice (a) and skirt (b). It has a deep V-neck that is finished with cream silk cording. It is sleeveless and has two puffy ruffles at the back. It has a front closure with hooks/eyes. It is a fitted bodice with a peplum that is in three sections. There is a V-neck in the back as well. There are five stays and no lining. The bustle skirt has a plain front to the knees with two groups of three fixed ruffles--a single fuller ruffle, then a group of fixed ruffles, and a final ruffle at the hem. The ruffles stretch from side seam to side seam in front. There is a long train in the back with a long ruffle. Inside the hem is duster of stiff net and the skirt is fully

Image of Hoop, Skirt

Hoop, Skirt -

This is a metal wire hoop that has cotton twill tape straps. The narrow single white wire creates nine concentric circles to produce the hoop. The ends of the single wire have a metal clip to hold them together. The bottom hoop is made of a slightly larger flat wire (also painted white) that is closed with a metal clip. There is a waist band made of white/cream cotton tape that closes with a metal buckle that fastens directly to the fabric. There are five tapes that are attached at the waist band and are threaded through the hoops to the bottom hoop. They are attached to the individual hoops by metal staple-like devices. The tapes are cotton twill for the top 5 1/2 inches and then a differe

Image of Ornament, Hair

Ornament, Hair -

This is an orange blossom headpiece. It is made into a wreath-style with wax blossoms, fabric flowers and leaves. It has green fabric material wrapped around the wire and it consists of seven pieces (a-h).

Image of Cap, Boudoir

Cap, Boudoir -

This woman's lawn nightcap has a series of machine-stitched tucks in varying sizes. The crown of the cap has embroidered floral patterns. The front edge of the cap has two layers of pleated muslin finished with bobbin lace. The back edge of the cap is finished with plain muslin. The ties for the cap are made of cream colored grosgrain ribbon.

Image of Petticoat

Petticoat -

This slim petticoat is made of six panels of fine white linen. The skirt is attached to a narrow waistband with no gathering. It has a back vertical slit opening with single mother of pearl button closure. The waist seems to have been taken in by folding over and sewing down, creating several inverted pleats. The bottom is finished with 6 1/4 inches of lace made up of one band of 1 1/4 inch lace and one band of five inch lace. The lower section of lace narrows and curves up to create a "slit" in back center. The seams are machine sewn and the right rear seam (at least) shows evidence of mechanical problems while sewing: the thread is bunched up on one side of th seams as if bobbin problems.

Image of Shoe

Shoe -

This pair of leather side lace shoes has white leather uppers with a stitched scalloped design on the instep. A squat French heel is covered with white leather. Each shoe has fifteen pairs of brass eyelets. The pair has center front and center back seams.

Image of Nightshirt

Nightshirt -

This is a man's white silk nightshirt. It has a folded collar with visible stitching around the edges. It has a square yoke that is made up of two tucks on each side with a three button closure in the middle. The buttons are made of mother of pearl. The shirt opens on the proper right side. The shirt has long sleeves with an asymetrical cuff that is attached by a row of double seams. The shirt has a shirt tail hem with slits on each side. The back of the shirt has a yoke across the top from shoulder to shoulder. There is a patch pocket on the left breast.

Image of Pantalettes

Pantalettes -

This is a pair of white muslin pantaloons. There is an interior waist band that closes with a single button. There is an exterior flap in the front that closes with a single button on each side. These two buttons are sewn to the interior waist band. The buttons are made of pearl. (one of the original buttons has been replaced) The pantaloons are gathered at the waist, have a balloon seat, and straight legs. At the bottom of the legs there are alternating strips of lace and shirred fabric.

Image of Tie, Bow

Tie, Bow -

This is a man's white dress bow tie. It is made of ribbed cotton and narrows that the center. Handwritten in ink, on the back, are the initials, "CPC", for Charles Perry Cecil.

Image of Nightgown

Nightgown -

This white lawn nightgown has a high round neckline with lace trim. The yoke is made up of strips of lace and shirred fabric pieced together. Two rows of shirred fabric and a center piece of lace go down either side of the front buttoned closure, which is hidden by a strip of lace. The buttons are mother of pearl with a design around the center. The back of the yoke is decorated in the same manner as the front closure. Set-in sleeves are narrow, and they are cuffed at the wrist with lace and shirring details. The gown is gathered into the yoke and falls straight to ground with a full skirt.

Image of Underskirt

Underskirt -

This cream colored underskirt is suffering from degrading silk and is "shattering" in places. It is sewn in both by machine and by hand. The skirt is slightly longer in the back than the front. It is made with an upper and lower section of the skirt. The upper section is constructed from five vertical panels, the center front being wider than the rest. The waist band is missing. Evidence, including loss of fabric and thread holes, indicate that the waistband started to tear from the skirt and the rest was removed. The skirt has a vertical slit opening in the back and hook-and-eye closures. Five sets of hook-and-eyes are attached. The seams of the upper skirt are finished on the inside with t

Image of Sleeve

Sleeve -

This lace three-quarter sleeve has a floral pattern. There is a vertical ruffle of the same lace fabric that starts just below the top of the shoulder and is 8 1/2 inches long. A ribbon of silk gauze is attached near the cuff. A lace trim is attached to the sleeve under the silk gauze ribbon. The top of the trim is a fine silk gauze and has a smaller floral pattern lace on the edge. There is additional lace that is hanging off the bottom edge and some that is completely detached. There is enough loose lace that there may have been a double layer of trim at the cuff. At the shoulder, there are remnants of a lining made of the same fine silk gauze found on the trim. The sleeve was attached to