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Name Lincoln, Abraham

Associated Records

Image of Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

This is a three-quarter portrait of a beardless Abraham Lincoln. It is an oil on canvas, and it was painted by Charles Sneed Williams. Williams' signature is in the upper right hand corner and it reads, "Charles Sneed Williams, 1932." Lincoln is depicted with dark hair that is combed and parted on his left side. He is wearing a black suit jacket and pants with a white shirt, tan vest, and black bow tie. He is wearing a dark cloak. His right hand is grasping onto his jacket lapel. His left hand is holding a top hat, and it is propped up on his left knee. In the right background, there is a column or pillar. The rest of the background is comprised of shades of tan, brown, and black. The black a

Image of Spider

Spider -

This large cast iron spider pan has a round surface with short sides, three legs and a very long handle. The handle has a loop at the end. A rectangular piece of beige paper is adhered to the surface.

Image of Fan, Hand

Fan, Hand -

This hand fan is made of thin cardboard in a tan color and once had a wooden handle/paddle attached to the back which has since been lost. The front of the fan has small, one inch, square portraits of each President of the United States from George Washington until Calvin Coolidge which surround a picture of the U.S. Capitol Building. Under the last row of portraits is a white text box with capital black letters that read "Who's Next." Under this, on the handle section of the fan, a brown text box has white lettering in a fancy script which reads "Presidents / of the / United States / from / Washington / to / Coolidge." The entire front of the fan has a border of half-ovals one right next to

Image of Medal, Commemorative

Medal, Commemorative -

This is a large round copper coin. On the front is a right profile bust of a bearded Abraham Lincoln. On the back is information on his presidency stamped inside a wreath and over sheaves of grain.

Image of Medal, Commemorative

Medal, Commemorative -

This bronze coin is commemorating two events. The front side is commemoratiang the 100th anniversary of Andrew Jackson becoming president. There is a bust image at the top center. In the middle of the coin is an image of two men with rifles talking with a Native American who is holding a bow and arrow. There is a dog at his feet. The text reads "1829 Jackson 1929/Centennial Celebration/July 4th. On the backside is an image of Abraham Lincoln flanked by flags and the dates "1854/1929). The text reads "JACKSON, MICHIGAN/Here under the oaks July 6th, 1854 was born the Republican party. . . "

Image of Medal, Commemorative

Medal, Commemorative -

This is a silver coin commemorating the centennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. The front has a right profile of Lincoln. On the back is the quote "Government of the people. . ." It has a red, white, and blue ribbon attached.

Image of Medal, Political

Medal, Political -

This is a political medal from the 1860 presidential campaign. On the front is a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln facing left. The image is surrounded by a band with the words, "Abraham Lincoln for President" printed within. On the reverse is an image of an eagle facing the viewer's right surrounded by flags on staffs. There is a hole at the top of the medal.

Image of Bookmark - Paper ribbon, Philadelphia Young Men's Republican Club

Bookmark - Paper ribbon, Philadelphia Young Men's Republican Club

This is a political piece, possibly a bookmark, from the Philadelphia Young Men's Republican Club. It is a rectangular sheet of paper with two horizontal lines and fleurs de lis demarkating three sections. The inscription reads "LINCOLN/ GARFIELD/ McKINLEY/ Young/ Men's Republican/ Club./ 20th. WARD/ PHILADELPHIA."

Image of Lithograph - Abraham Lincoln

Lithograph - Abraham Lincoln

This is a hand tinted lithograph of Abraham Lincoln wearing a blue frock coat, blue vest, white shirt, and blue-black bow tie. There is a facsimile signature centered below the image, "A. Lincoln." Underneath that is the print name, "ABRAHAM LINCOLN / SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES." The print's lower left corner is marked: PUBLISHED BY CURRIER & IVES," while the lower right corner has text reading "152 NASSAU ST NEW YORK."

Image of Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

This is a three-quarter bust portait of Abraham Lincoln with a brown background. He is wearing a simple black jacket with a white undershirt and a short necktie.

Image of Note, United States

Note, United States -

This is a United States fifty cent fractional currency postage note, fourth issue, series of 1863. It is printed in black and green ink with red overprint on beige paper. The main image is a bust portrait of Abraham Lincoln located at right. In both upper corners is an oval with the number "25" in it. On the left is inscribed in a variety of fonts "UNITED STATES/ Fractional Currency / FIFTY 50 CENTS / receivable for all United States / Stamps." Below this are the signatures for the register and the treasurer. Near the top right of center is a ribbon flourish and "ACT MARCH / 3rd. 1863" on it. The makers mark is on the bottom edge "American Bank Note Co. N.Y." There was once a red overprint ar

Image of Peg

Peg -

This small piece of wood may be a peg. It is rounded but not a perfect circle. It is broken on both ends.

Image of Button, Political

Button, Political -

This is a celluloid-type pinback button with a safety pin enclosure. It has a red, white and blue background, with a flag motif in the center. The text on the button reads "REPUBLICAN/INTEGRITY/BUSH/'88" in gold, red, and black text, from top to bottom. In the center of the button, on the American flag, are color images of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan. All of these images have names underneath them in small black text. In the center of all of these depictions of past U.S. Presidents is a slightly larger color image of George H. W. Bush.

Image of Bust - Meet Mr. Lincoln

Bust - Meet Mr. Lincoln

This is an impressionistic bronze of Abraham Lincoln's head. It was cast in bronze from a clay original. It is mounted on a bronze plate screwed to a walnut base. The head is slightly tilted to the left with a faint hint of smile on Lincoln's lips. He shown with a bearded chin.

Image of Handbill

Handbill -

This lists the Republican candidates for president and vice-president in the 1860 election. It also includes a list of electors. It is a white piece of paper printed with black ink. The text reads "REPUBLICAN TICKET./ For President./ ABRAHAM LINCOLN,/ OF ILLINOIS./ For Vice President./ HANNIBAL HAMLIN,/ OF MAINE./ Electors for President and Vice PResident/ of the United States./ Frederick Hassaurek, of Hamilton county./ Joseph M. Root, of Erie county..." It goes on to list the elector from each district. Someone has written 1860 at the top in pencil and "=119" next to the words Republican ticket and Abraham Lincoln's name. At the bottom is written "1860 ABRAHAM LINCOLN SLATE" in pen.

Image of Ribbon, Political

Ribbon, Political -

This 1860 Presidential campaign ribbon is made of faded blue-green silk and is printed with black letters and images. The top of the ribbon shows an American flag with a ribbon lying over the top that says "Republican Candidates." Below, there is a large bust image of Abraham Lincoln with a caption that says, "For President. A. Lincoln, Of Illinois." The bottom of the ribbon says, "For Vice President. H. Hamlin, of Maine." The top and bottom of the ribbon are frayed edges that have been cut and the sides are the selvedge edges.

Image of Lumber

Lumber -

This is a section of board with reciprocal saw marks on one side and rough planing marks on the other. There is a cut nail without head bent over in one corner. The piece appears to have been stained dark. Several old nail holes remain.

Image of Print - The Lincoln Family

Print - The Lincoln Family

This is a lithograph of the Lincoln family seated at a table with a tablecloth on it. There is a vase with flowers on it in the middle of the table.. There is geometric patterned carpet on the floor. On the left hand side of the image Mary Todd Lincoln is seated in a round-backed upholstered chair. Her hair is parted in the middle and pulled back into a bun. She is wearing a floral (?) headband, drop earrings and a brooch at the neckline of her dress. She is wearing a dark dress with a white collar and white undersleeves. The sleeves of the dress have a braid along the hem and up the middle of the sleeve. Next to her is Robert Lincoln. He is dress in a Union uniform. The top button is buttone

Image of Print - The Assassination of President Lincoln

Print - The Assassination of President Lincoln

This image shows the assassination of President Lincoln. It shows the balcony with draping on the left side and a drape on the right side that looks like an American flag. On the left Major Rathbone is standing and pointing with his left hand. He is wearing a Union uniform. His left leg is bent at the knee. He has curly hair and a full beard. Next to him is seated Miss Harris. She is wearing a bonnet with a shawl wrapped around her. Her left hand is holding the shawl to her chest. Mrs. Lincoln is seated next to Miss Harris. She is wearing flowers in her hair that is parted in the middle and pulled back. She is wearing a beaded necklace and flowers on the bodice. She is wearing a shawl draped

Image of Print - Death of President Lincoln

Print - Death of President Lincoln

This image shows the death bed of President Lincoln. on the left side of the image is a group of men--some holding handkerchiefs. In the front middle is a man in a Union uniform holding a handkerchief to his face. Behind him is a man seated at the bedside holding Lincoln's right hand. In the bed with his eyes closed is Abraham Lincoln wearing a white shirt. To his left is Mary Todd Lincoln seated in a chair. She is holding a handkerchief to her face. A small boy (Tad?) is standing in front of Mrs. Lincoln with his head in her lap. She is holding his right hand. Behind Mrs. Lincoln is a young woman who is holding a handkerchief to her face. To her left is a table with a pitcher, a glass and tw