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Name Lincoln, Abraham

Associated Records

Image of Poster

Poster -

This World War II era poster depicts a young boy sitting down at a table reading a book. The background of the poster is blue and has red text with a white border. In the upper right hand corner of the poster it says, "Books build character" in front a white silhouette of the continental United States. Within the blue background are faint white images of George Washington to the left and Abraham Lincoln to the right. The boy is depicted sitting down toward the lower left. He is resting his chin in his right hand with his elbow propped on the table while his left hand is holding a page in the book that he is reading.

Image of Print - Abraham Lincoln

Print - Abraham Lincoln

This is a colored print of a bust portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The print has been cut from a newspaper or magazine and adhered to a piece of cardboard. The print depicts Lincoln in a blue suit jacket and tie with a white shirt. He is facing toward the right. The cardboard exposed surrounding the image is brown. The reverse side of the cardboard is bright red.

Image of Table, Dining

Table, Dining -

This is an Empire or French Restoration style banquet end. It is mahogany solids and veneered with a reddish finish and black enameled cove molding below the table top. The top is octagonal with a hinged leaf and rounded edges. It has a veneered single pedestal support morticed into the center frame member of the top, with a wide "S" curve molding at the base of the pedestal. The base of the table is curved with a recessed chamfer on its top edges. The feet are elaborately carved concentric circles with floral spray brackets under and over.

Image of Key, Watch

Key, Watch -

This is the key that came in with Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch. It is a metal key with a date stamped on the top circular element: "Sept. 1st, 1874." The date makes it clear that this is not the original key for the Lincoln watch.

Image of Watch, Pocket

Watch, Pocket -

This pocket watch belonged to President Abraham Lincoln. The piece includes the pocket watch, chain and fob. Part a) is a yellow gold key wind hunting case pocket watch. The watch has hand-chased features and is inscribed on inner case, "J. Jacqueson, Copenhagen." The watch has unmarked jewel movement and a porcelain dial and second hand. Part b) is a yellow gold link unmarked chain. Part c) is yellow gold watch fob with wax stamp gold initials "AL" in onyx.

Image of Box

Box -

This is the leather watch box that contained the Abraham Lincoln watch. It is a brown leather box with a hinged lid. It has a green velvet form fitted into the bottom and green silk lining in the lid. The name "Tiffany & Co." is printed in gold on the silk.

Image of Paperweight - Civil War centennial medal

Paperweight - Civil War centennial medal

This paperweight features a gold Civil War centennial coin encased in a plexiglass display mount. The front of the coin has images of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. On the reverse is a 12 pointed star/sunburst is in the center with state abbreviations on a triangle in the star. The coin is set in blue plexiglass sandwiched between two clear plexiglass pieces. There are four screw closures at the corners.

Image of Ribbon, Commemorative

Ribbon, Commemorative -

This is a mourning badge for Abraham Lincoln. The main portion of the badge is a black grosgrain ribbon folded over creating three layers. The center button is a celluloid process button with a black and white portrait of Lincoln. The button is affixed to a brass frame featuring scrollwork. The top of the ribbon is held together by a brass hanger. There is a clasp attached to the hanger with a chain of six links terminating with a small carabiner also made of brass at the top. "The Whitehead & Hoag Co./ Newark, N. J." is stamped in the center back of the medal.

Image of Print - Book illustration, "Early Home of A. Lincoln"

Print - Book illustration, "Early Home of A. Lincoln"

This is an engraving of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home and is titled "The Early Home of Abraham Lincoln, As it Stands in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, KY." from 1865. The image depicts a small wooden cabin with, what looks like a lot of loose boards, on the front side of it. There is also a front door to the right with either a rope or a chain for a lock. To the left and right of the cabin is a fence and the left side has another building connected to the fence, only part of it is visible in the image. There are two trees behind the cabin and open land and some grass and flowers in the foreground.

Image of Map - "Map of the Southern States"

Map - "Map of the Southern States"

This is a large print entitled "Map of the Southern States, Including / Rail Roads, County Towns, State Capitals, County Roads, The Southern Coast from Delaware to Text, Showing the Harbors, Inlets, Forts and Position of Blockading Ships." The print shows a colorful map of the Southern United states. This map has a decorative frame that contains both floral and military motifs. At each of the corners, there are four portraitures of significant figures. From top left, clockwise the busts are Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward, Windfield Scott and George B. McClellan. On the bottom frame it reads, "Prepared for Harper's History of the Rebellion. December, 1863." On the backside of the page,

Image of Patch, Insignia

Patch, Insignia -

This is a Boy Scout patch for the Lincoln Pilgrimage. It is a circular patch with a brown embroidered edge. It has a brown background with a darker brown embroidered inscription and an embroidered image of Abraham Lincoln at the center.

Image of Cannon

Cannon -

This cannon fragment is the breech end of a small iron cannon with the cascable, knob and neck present. The vent is present at the top and the chamber can be seen from the damaged end.

Image of Ribbon, Political

Ribbon, Political -

This is a yellow silk ribbon that was created in support of William McKinley. The ribbon has an inverted "V" shape at the bottom and black ink printed on it. At the top of the ribbon there is an eagle holding two arrows in its claws. There is also a profile image of Abraham Lincoln facing the proper left and a portrait of William McKinley facing the proper right. The inscription reads, "1900 / VOTED FOR / AND / WILL VOTE FOR". The image of Lincoln appears after the second line of text and the image of McKinley appears at the bottom of the text.

Image of Bank, Toy

Bank, Toy -

This is an Abraham Lincoln coin bank. Part a) is the bank which is made of copper colored molded tin. It is a forward facing bust of Lincoln. There is an "A. Lincoln" signature inscribed at the bottom front. There is a tin base with decagon-shaped trap door. There is a rectangular diagonal slot on the door for coins. There is an interior flap with teeth. There is a small keyhole near the right edge of the door. The maker's mark is on the base. Part b) is the key which has a rounded head. There is a hole through the key near top. It has a short blade with one tooth and has a maker's mark on the front.

Image of Sticker, Bumper

Sticker, Bumper -

This bumper sticker was made for Kentucky's celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. The sticker is rectangular with a white background, black lettering and a red square at the right side that has a white image of a log cabin inside it. The piece has an adhesive backing that is covered by two "zip-strips" or pieces of paper that meet in the middle.

Image of Button, Promotional

Button, Promotional -

This button was made for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Opening Ceremony. The button is a circular celluloid-type button with a pin and hook closure at the back. The face of the button has an inscription in black and white lettering and a background in gray that has imagery like the stars from the American Flag.

Image of Pin, Lapel

Pin, Lapel -

This pin was made for the "In Sacred Union" sculpture dedication in Springfield, Kentucky that was part of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration. The piece is a square lapel pin with an image of the lincoln statue on the face and an inscription below it. The pin is in the original plastic packaging with a white rectangulat card on the inside with a note from the city of Springfield, KY on it. Beneath the inscription from the city of Springfield are the logos of the Kentucky Arts Council, The Kentucky Unbridled Spirit logo and the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial commision logo.

Image of Print - Abraham Lincoln

Print - Abraham Lincoln

This is a black and white bust portrait print of Abraham Lincoln. He is depicted with a beard and he is wearing a suit jacket, white shirt, and a dark tie. In the lower right area of the image, there is small text that reads "J. MURFIN." A caption at the bottom says "Abraham Lincoln / 1809 -1865 / 16th President, United States of American / 1861 - 1865." In the lower left corner, the copyright information for this prints reads, "JAMES V. MURFIN 1971."

Image of Medal

Medal -

This is a Lincoln Trail medal. The medal has a covered pin-back clasp attached to a yellow and brown ribbon. A round nickel plated pendant is suspended from the ribbon by a steel loop. The obverse of the pendant has a bust of Abraham Lincoln facing to the right surrounded by the text "Abraham Lincoln Born Feb. 12th, 1809." The reverse of the pendant reads "Scout Walked in Lincoln's Steps." Makers marks are also found on the reverse of the pendant and on the back of the clasp. There is a bronze shoe print attached to the ribbon.

Image of Badge, Political

Badge, Political -

This is a page badge from the 1956 Republican Convention held in San Francisco, California. It has a bronze pin-back clasp with an elaborate design. The design shows an elephant holding a flag in its trunk in front of a sunburst. The elephant stands on a rectangular block that reads "Page." A blue satin ribbon with gold lettering is suspended from the clasp by a pin. The gold text reads "Page for Kentucky." There is a bronze pendant attached to the ribbon. The pendant has a scroll at the top that reads "San Francisco" and laurel leaves at the bottom surrounding two rectangular blocks that read "Convention" and "1956." The center of the pendant has a bust image of Lincoln overlaid with a