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Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1398

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1398

Box 31-1398 contains 4 textiles, including 3 finished baby blankets and 1 baby sleeping bag from outside sources other than Churchill Weavers. Some blankets have paper tags from a store or maker. One blanket is in a plain weave structure with various dobby weave patterns throughout, all in pastel pink wool, with inset ribbed border stripes and crocheted lace edging in white and pastel pink; the blanket was sold by Pogue's Department Store. One blanket is in a four-fold basket weave structure with long sides in a herringbone weave, all of wool yarns, with a white center field and a plaid border in a peach-toned pastel pink and white, and sold by Pogue's. One blanket, made by Redleaf out of Sco

Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1416

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1416

Box 31-1416 contains 7 textiles, including 5 finished baby blankets and 2 baby jackets, all from outside sources other than Churchill Weavers. One baby jacket, by Davis Hand Woven Textile Mill of Keyser, WV, is in a loose plain weave structure overall of white wool. One baby jacket, by Julius Berger of Newark, NJ, is in a fine-weight plain weave structure overall of white wool. One blanket, sold by Pogue's of Cincinnati, is in a plain weave structure with blocks in a lace weave, with a plain weave block in the center of each, all of pastel blue wool, with a windowpane check in a white rayon-interlaced floating yarn stripe. One blanket, sold by Marshall Field of Chicago, has a center field in

Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1417

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1417

Box 31-1417 contains 2 buntings and baby clothes that include 1 romper set (overalls and shirt), robe, and gown. The two hooded buntings are constructed from quilted cotton fabric with small scale polka dot print. Each bunting has animal caricature appliqué and is adjustable with snap button closure on the sides. The romper for a baby boy is comprised of white cotton short-sleeved button-down shirt and sky blue cotton overalls with appliqué. The robe, also for a baby boy, is constructed from 80% acetate and 20% nylon materials and features appliqué. The gown is a baby girl's layette made of cotton knit fabric with pink nylon ribbon ties for closures.

Image of Advertisement

Advertisement -

This is a printed advertisement for The Mammoth Steam Power Billiard Table Manufactory of America. It is printed with black ink on yellow paper, and it is a page torn from the Cincinnati Directory. The header of the page reads, "Cincinnati Directory. iii." Below the title of the advertisement, there is an image two young women and two men playing billiards. Below the graphic, it says, "J.M. BRUNSWICK & BRO., PROPRIETERS, Factory. North-East Corner of Elm and Canal Streets. Office and Warerooms, No. 8 West Sixth St., CINCINNIATI, - - - - OHIO." At the bottom of the ad, there are three small paragraphs that list the credentials, awards, and other information regarding the business and the billi

Image of Fan, Hand

Fan, Hand -

This hand fan is made of thin cardboard in a tan color and once had a wooden handle/paddle attached to the back which has since been lost. The front of the fan has small, one inch, square portraits of each President of the United States from George Washington until Calvin Coolidge which surround a picture of the U.S. Capitol Building. Under the last row of portraits is a white text box with capital black letters that read "Who's Next." Under this, on the handle section of the fan, a brown text box has white lettering in a fancy script which reads "Presidents / of the / United States / from / Washington / to / Coolidge." The entire front of the fan has a border of half-ovals one right next to

Image of Catalog

Catalog -

This is one issue of "Good Dressing," a publication by the Home Pattern Company. It is a paper catalog of ladies' and children's clothing patterns. The front cover depicts two women in walking suits with hats decorated with feathers. On the right side, there is a young girl wearing a pink checkered coat with light hat. Along the top edge of catalog, there is black text that reads "GOOD DRESSING" in large letters. Below the catalog title, there is smaller text on the right side that says, "PUBLISHED BY THE HOME PATTERN COMPANY INCORPORATED / SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF PATTERNS FOR THE / LADIES' HOME JOURNAL." There is light pink lettering on the right side that says, "MARCH / STYLES." The lower cen

Image of Bottle

Bottle -

This is a tall green bottle with a decorative design on the front. The embossed design, an eagle with a shield-shaped quiver with arrows in his talon, is painted gold. There is a gold trimmed ribbon banner above the eagle. It is blank.

Image of Bodice

Bodice -

This bodice (A) is made of a light green satin brocade with cream and pink flowers. The bodice has a scoop low neck with heavy lace and leg-o-mutton three quarter length sleeves. The cuffs and waist both have satin ribbon edging. There is a satin bow at the left shoulder and a bow at the left waist with an oval shaped rhinestone brooch. There is a silk lining and corset like ties with hooks and eyes. This skirt (B) is made of a light green satin brocade with a pink design. There is an inset of elaborate beige lace with a net bow and flower design with blue ostrich feathers at the bottom hem. The skirt has a very full and long train in the back. The skirt is lined with silk.

Image of Tablespoon

Tablespoon -

Sterling silver tablespoon has a fiddle style handle with a shouldered stem. . The letters "ATH" are engraved on the handle. On the back the maker's mark reads STERLING / DUHME CO."

Image of Clock, Tall Case

Clock, Tall Case -

Grandfather clock; cherry cabinet; scalloped bottom; front edges chamfered; front access panel with lock; two thin turned columns flank arched face opening on bonnet; broken pediment top with finial in middle, holes for missing finials on outer corners, flower medallions carved into tops of bars on broken pediment; white enameled wooden face with yellow dove in floral bouquet painted at top; wooden works, weight driven; inner groove for glass in bonnet, but extension of clockhand stem past front plane of bonnet suggests that no glass was ever installed in bonnet.

Image of Button, Political

Button, Political -

This is a circular celluloid process metal political button for the Presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis in 1988. The button has a white background with black lettering at the top that reads "Cincinnati/ for" and blue lettering below that reads "Dukakis/ '88." There is a red line before "'88" and an unreadable union printers label in black. There is a safety pin closure attached to the back.

Image of Pamphlet - Booklet, Baldwin's Musical Review

Pamphlet - Booklet, Baldwin's Musical Review

This is an 8 page booklet and advertisement for D.H. Baldwin & Co. "BALDWIN'S MUSICAL REVIEW" is printed across the front in black ink. Underneath, also in black ink, the company's name and locations, "Cincinnati," "Indianapolis," "Louisville," are framed by the origin date of the company to the date of publication, with "1862" on the left and "1886" on the right. On the top of the page is an inscription in red, "T.Y.CHANDLER, SALESMAN, COLUMBIA, KY." The review, in black ink, begins on the first page and ends on the 7th. The 8th page is an advertisement for D.H. Baldwin & Co featuring a 1/2 page picture of a lady standing at a piano, all also in black ink. Text describing the company and its

Image of Frame, Picture

Frame, Picture -

This rectangular frame has gable roof-shape on the top. The edges have a stippled background. Around the entire frame there are flowers, leafy tree limbs and berries carved in relief. There is a beveled edge on the opening for the photograph.

Image of Container, Cosmetic

Container, Cosmetic -

This round cardboard container for facial power has a base and lid. The lid fits over a sleeve on the lid. The container is covered with paper with printed design and text. On the top is the image of a man's head and "WOODBURY'S / FACIAL POWDER / THE ANDREW JERGENS C. CINCINNITI NEW YORK & PERTH ONTERIO."

Image of Circular

Circular -

This is a simple paper pamphlet which was sent out in the mail across the country during the 1976 Presidential election. The front cover has a red band above and a blue band below a black and white photograph of Gerald Ford. In the red band is white text which reads "He's making / us proud again." On the back side of the flier are a black and white photograph of the Ford Family at the top and a second black and white photograph of Ford with Bob Dole near the bottom, separated by a blue band in the center of the back. That band has white text quotes from President Ford. Printed in very small black font at the bottom of the back cover is "THE PRESIDENT FORD COMMITTEE, JAMES A. BAKER, III, CHAIR

Image of Case, Sword

Case, Sword -

This is a brown leather sword case with a metal latch in the front. The leather was originally stamped with two lines of a decorative design, in both the front and back. A decorative circle is stamped into the bottom of the sword case. The Petti Bone Manufactoring Company logo is also stamped onto the front of the sword case. The seam is machine stitched and is in a light brown or cream-colored thread. On the front, under the latch is painted "WME. Railey/Frankfort, Ky." in block lettering with black paint.

Image of Insignia

Insignia -

This is a pair of enameled brass ROTC Coast Artillery collar insignias from the University of Cincinnati. They each consist of a pair of crossed cannon barrels with an oval in the center bearing an artillery shell on a red enameled background surrounded by a brass border. There is a brass ribbon form behind the barrels with "University of" across the top and "Cincinnati across the bottom, both with black enameled background. The back has a knurled nut on a threaded post and two small spikes as attachments.

Image of Book - Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney

Book - Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney

This is an autographed copy of "Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney" by Nick Clooney. The book has a red-brown linen hardback cover. The dust cover is blue with caricature of Nick Clooney facing toward the left while wearing a blue suit with his hands in his pocket. Clooney's autograph on the interior of the book reads, "To the Kentucky / History Center / From Kentuckian, Nick Clooney / March, 1999."

Image of Spokeshave

Spokeshave -

This is a cooper's spokeshave. It has long turned wooden handles, one of which appears to be a replacement. The iron blade housing has a steel scraper blade which is enameled black. It has brass ferules. It is marked with "CINCINNATI/TOOL CO."

Image of Program

Program -

This is a soap box derby program. It is a tri-fold paper program for the 38th annual Soap Box Derby. The front cover has a dark blue background with white lettering and an All-American Soap Box Derby logo in white. All other pages have a white background with printing and graphics in dark blue. Inside is a listing of all competitors and spots to record the winners of each heat. Also inside is information about the Soap Box Derby and Akron, Ohio.