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Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a tied quilt of ecru silk damask. The main portion of the quilt is made up of six pieces that measure approximately forty-one inches in length and nineteen inches in width. There are another two pieces on one end that measure approximately forty-one inches in length and nine inches in width. There are two strips of dark blue silk on two sides. The blue borders are about four and one-half inches wide. The quilt is tied with a blue silk braid cord. The backing is sky blue polished cotton.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a log cabin courthouse steps variation pattern quilt top. It is made of 54 blocks, and it is six blocks wide by nine blocks tall. It is made of multicolor and patterned silk and ribbons. The center of each block is comprised of two strips of black or black with white pinstripes silk with a strip of coral red silk between the black pieces. The top and bottom strips of silk on each block tend to be black or another dark color. The darker shades of the silk and ribbons generally run down the center of each block while the brighter and lighter shades are to the sides of the block. The quilt topper is backed with squares of brown calicoes of different patterns. Several of the "right side

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This log cabin pattern quit has quilt blocks in reds, blues, greens, browns and blacks. There are six rows and six columns of ten inch squares. Each square is made of 21 pieces of fabric. The colors are grouped in bands creating an overall diamond pattern. From a distance the pattern is like squares stacked on each other and getting progressively smaller, first green, brown, blue, pink& blue, red, and then pink & blue in the center. The black fabric is made of wool as are some of the other fabrics. There are several patterned fabrics including two brown plaids, a red with white diamonds, a green background with multi-colored floral, a red background with repeating oval decoration, a red-

Image of Portrait - Governor Thomas E. Bramlette

Portrait - Governor Thomas E. Bramlette

This portrait of Governor Thomas E. Bramlette is a bust portrait of the subject. The painting depicts a bearded Bramlette from waist up wearing a black jacket, white shirt, and black bowtie. The painting has a brown background.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This Rose of Sharon patterned quilt is made of 16 blocks of white cotton with white cotton panels between them. Each block has an appliqued pattern of 8 red flowers (4 open and 4 as buds) surrounding a center flower in red with a yellow center. The flowers are connected by a design of green leaves and stems. The piece is quilted in squares that are about 1/4" to 3/8" in size.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This crazy quilt is constructed of velvet and wool. The top of this quilt is composed of nine pieced blocks surrounded by a pieced border that measures 13.25" wide at the top, 8.75" wide at the sides, and 8.5" wide along the bottom. The patches and border are embroidered with cotton or wool thread. The top row of blocks has pieces embroidered with a large basket in blues and greens filled with flowers with a butterfly beneath, a cornucopia initialed with "B", a white bird, two birds in a cage, and a dog. The center row has pieces embroidered with a butterfly, parasol, rooster, a house with a fence and trees, a white cow, and a mean on a horse with two dog. The bottom row has pieces embroide

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This quilt is made of all silk pieces in a log cabin pattern. The quilt blocks are in reds, blues, browns and purples with a few yellows. They silks are solids and patterns. The center (or hearth) of each block is a piece of solid black silk or velvet. The color patterns more or less create large diamonds in alternating dark and light diamond shapes, each diamond being made of one-half of four quilt blocks. The binding is made of white silk with dark blue dots. The back is made of striped silk. The stripes are one-inch wide and the stripes alternate white stripes with blue dots to a red-orange stripe with medallions. There is a layer of batting between the front and back layers. The piece i

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This Log Cabin quilt is done in a Barn Raising variation. The design consists of light and dark quilt pieces creating an overall diamond pattern. The quilt is seven blocks wide by eight blocks tall. All of the quilt pieces are made of all silk and are very bright. The light colors are blue, pink, and tan. The dark colors are purple, teal green, and black. The center, or hearth, of each quilt block is black. From a distance, the pattern gives the illusion of light and dark squares stacked on each other and getting progressively smaller toward the center. The quilt is backed in brown silk with black velvet circles sewn behind each "tied" place. The quilt is hand stitched. The binding is

Image of Note, United States

Note, United States -

This is a United States of America two dollar note, August 1, 1862, plate B, series 117. It is printed in black ink with green overprint on beige paper. The serial number is 11590. It is located right of center near the top and near the lower left corner and is stamped in red ink. The central image (just left of center) is a bust portrait of Alexander Hamilton in an oval frame. Below and to the left of the portrait is "PATENTED APRIL 23rd 1860." There is a line border except at the top where patterned circles are alternated with ribbons inscribed with the word "TWO." In both upper corners are shields with an U.S. flag motif over a ribbon that is inscribed "E PLURIBUS UNUM." Near these, closer

Image of Shackle, Leg

Shackle, Leg -

This is a a wrought iron leg manacle hinged on one end with an oval opening. The other end has a nut and bolt closure with a square nut and bolt. At one end there is a hole for the attachment of a chain.

Image of Cane

Cane -

This wooden cane has a turned top that is approximately four inches long. Below that is a octagonal block with a small shield-shaped inset. The inset is made of nickel and has two nickel pins attaching it to the cane. There is a carved inscription on the block. Below the block is a carved snake that is wrapped around the cane. The snake has a triangular head and twelve carved rattlers on the tail.

Image of Portrait - Confederate Governor Richard Hawes Portrait

Portrait - Confederate Governor Richard Hawes Portrait

Bust portrait of Confederate Governor Richard Hawes. The painting depicts an older man that is wearing a gray coat with black collar. The artist depicted the subject with very flushed cheeks and is sitting in a plain black background. There is a Confederate flag painted on the Bottom Left corner.

Image of Ring, Finger

Ring, Finger -

This ring has a mother-of-pearl mounted in a bronze wire band. Two holes are drilled through the peal for the wire. The bronze wire is held together with wrapped wire loops.

Image of Portrait - Robert M. Martin Portrait

Portrait - Robert M. Martin Portrait

This is an oval bust portrait of Confederate Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Martin by unknown artist. The portrait depicts a younger man with deep blue eyes, light brown wavy hair and a Van Dyke beard. He is wearing a white collared shirt buttoned with a small golden button and a blue military jacket on top. This jacket has three rows of rounded golden buttons running down the front. There are three golden star buttons on the jacket's collar indicating military rank. The subject is sitting in front of a brown wash background.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a Christian Cross pattern quilt. It is hand stitched and constructed of cream cotton squares alternating with blocks comprised with smaller cotton squares and rectangles with cream-colored center crosses. The main blocks are all completed in shades of brown except 1 green and 2 blue block. All of the blocks are turned and set in on a diamond shape. The plain blocks are quilted in a criss-cross pattern with the rows of stitches set approximately .5" apart. The cross blocks have diagonal rows of quilt stitches set between .25" and .5" apart. The border is made of three strips of 1.25" wide fabric. The inner and outer border strips are made of light brown cotton with clusters of red a

Image of Print

Print -

Print, Memorial to the Brave Confederate Heroes; white border; black background with white print; white filagree border with images of Confederate officers in circular cut-outs; inside the border are two columns (one per side) with the names of the Confederate states on them like ribbon encircling the column; columns hold up a three arch top with filagree pattern; two rosters hang from arches listing confederate officers; bottom has a row of shields listing each confederate state; memorial in center with large image of Jefferson Davis flanked by two smaller images of Rober E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnston; beneath them on the memorial are four images of E. Kirby Smith, G.T. Beauregard, Braxton B

Image of Print - U.S. Grant

Print - U.S. Grant

This print shows a bust image of Ulysses S. Grant. Grant is facing straight out and dates from his presidential years. His hair is parted on the proper left side and combed toward the right. He is wearing a full beard that is a mixture of dark and gray hair. There is a visible mole on his right cheek near the nose. He is wearing a white shirt and a thin bow tie. There is a visible button stud on the shirt. He is wearing a dark suit and vest. The top button of the vest is open. There is an inscription under the image that reads "Yours truly U.S. Grant." The background behind the subject is a series of horizontal lines.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This quilt is a variation of a honeycomb mosaic. It is a tie quilt with a single stitch. It is comprised of hexagonal pieces of silk pieced together in a rainbow tile pattern with a diamond field. It is constructed of hexagonal pieces of silk with multi-colored center tiles. The inner most tiles of each diamond consist of four cream pieces each embroidered with a white daisy. These center floral tiles are surrounded by red silk tiles. The diamonds are outlined with black or dark brown tiles. The multicolored pieces are in green, blue, brown, and purple. The tiles that divide each diamond are cream. The binding is cream silk. The backing is made two different kinds of silk. The border silk on

Image of Lithograph - The Lost Cause

Lithograph - The Lost Cause

This is a chromolithographic print based on the painting "The Lost Cause" by artist Henry Mosler. The image depicts a soldier who is wearing a caped overcoat and wide brimmed hat and is leaning on the muzzle of his rifle. He is standing before a run-down cabin with weedy foliage climbing up the walls. There is faintly visible a setting moon in the right foreground beside the chimney. The Engravers' signature is found printed in the bottom left corner "B & C Dusseldorf." A deteriorated adhesive sticker is found in the bottom right corner that reads in brown ink "Lost Cause / loaned by / Mrs. Jannis C …."

Image of Jar

Jar -

This is a clay jar (A) with lid (B) and two non-functional handles. The jar is natural gray color with some reddish coloring near one of the handles. It is glazed with dark spots overall. The top does not fit exactly. There is a "WH CRISS CO" stamped on one side under the handle.