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Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1124

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1124

Box 31-1124 contains 8 scarves made by various companies. These samples are cited being Outside Purchases. The patterns, weave structures, and colors vary among the scarves although all of them are woven with wool yarns. Weave structures include double-face twill, crepe twill, and plain weave. Patterns are checkered squares, houndstooth, border stripes, and stripes. Two scarves are identified as being made in Poland. One is identified as made in Czechoslovakia, another in England and one in Italy.

Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1126

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-1126

Box 31-1126 contains 18 scarves, 1 muffler, 1 ascot, and 3 materials samples of muffler fabric. The textiles in this box represent Outside Purchases of textiles given or bought by Churchill Weavers. The textiles vary in style, patterns, weave structures, and materials used as well place of origin. Eight scarves are knitted likely by a knitting machine whereas the remaining textiles are woven. Weaves include twill and plain weaves and knit patterns include open work and eyelet with zig-zags and stripes. Six scarves are silk. Other materials are wool and rayon. Woven patterns include Chevron, stripes, and plaid. Many samples have identifying tags and labels that indicate sale prices and departm

Image of Calendar - Calendar, Children of Many Lands

Calendar - Calendar, Children of Many Lands

Calendar is composed of 12 pages, all on same type of tan paper, and all with same border of brown edges with green curlique designs in each corner. The first page holds the title as well as the January calendar. This title page has a green oval-shape in the top center of the page surrounded by the same type of curlique design as found in corners with the words "Children from Many Lands" written in gold inside. The oval also has two brown branches drawn behind and around it, one under "Children," and the other above it. Two more sticks are drawn over "Many." Below the oval is a picture of a girl with blonde hair, in a pink dress, white apron, and blue beads, sewing. On either side of her head

Image of Plate, Dessert

Plate, Dessert -

This is a small plate with a floral design around the edge and in the center. The main flowers are pink but there are smaller yellow ones as well. The majority of the trim is blue.

Image of Candlestick

Candlestick -

This is a pair of ceramic candlesticks. Part (a) depicts a man in an 18th century frock coat, waistcoat and tricorne hat sitting on a bench that appears to be growing out of two trees. His clothing is done in shades of brown and cream. His pants have blue flowers with brown leaves on both legs.The man has basket next to him on the bench and in his left hand he is holding a small bouquet of flowers. The trunks of the two trees form the candle holders. About halfway up the trunk of each tree is a pink rose. The candle holders have attached bobaches. The cups for holding the candles have an embossed floral design on the bottom. The other candle holder shows an 18th century maiden wearing a skirt

Image of Souvenir

Souvenir -

This is a plaster casting of a throne. It is painted brown with gold and red. The legs are seated gold lions. The sides of solid panel arms are decorated with two white clovers beneath arches columns. The arms painted antique red on top. The triangular high top back has finials. The seat is hinged to lift up.

Image of Teapot

Teapot -

This transfer ware white china teapot (a) with lid (b) has a green, brown, and pink floral design. The base of the teapot is rectangular; there is a handle and spout.

Image of Jacket, Dinner

Jacket, Dinner -

This is a red hunt dinner jacket with satin trimmed lapels. The outside of the jacket is made of cardinal red wool, and the lapel facings, cuffs, and interior lining are made of dark red satin silk. This single-breasted jacket has a shawl lapel and a buttonhole on the left lapel for a boutonniere. There is a stem holder on the reverse side of the lapel beneath the boutonniere buttonhole that is made of red thread. The jacket has double-besom or jetted slit hip pockets that are trimmed in the red wool fabric. The jacket also has a deeply angled welt breast pocket on the proper left side. There is an angled slash pocket on the interior of the jacket on the proper right side. A label located in

Image of Case, Card

Case, Card -

This card case is made of tortoise shell. It has a hinged lid with a push-pin release. Both sides have rectangular inlays of tortoise shell. The interior is reddish in color. There is a small silver rectangle on the top of the lid. The card inside reads "Mrs. Robert Sadler."

Image of Letter - King George V Letter to AEF

Letter - King George V Letter to AEF

This is a typeset copy of a note expressing gratitude to the American Expeditionary Forces or AEF for their service in WWI. The royal seal with "Windsor Castle" is stamped in red at the top of the page, and the paper has been pasted onto a matte backing. The letter itself reads: "Soldiers of the United States, the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand beside the Armies of many Nations now fighting in the Old World the greatest battle of human freedom. The Allies will gain new heart and spirit in your company. I wish that I could shake the hand of each one of you and bid you God speed on your mission. George R. I. April 1918"

Image of Flask, Powder

Flask, Powder -

This powder flask is made of a copper two-piece body with a brass spout and a blued steel spring. The two pieces of the body have been re-soldered together. The front of the flask depicts a hunting scene with a hare, fowl, and two dogs. "G. & J.N. HAWKSLEY / SHEFFIELD" is stamped into the top of the spout.

Image of Belt

Belt -

This is a World War I British field belt. It is made of khaki webbing. It has a clip brass buckle and two brass sling buckles at the back.

Image of Device, Visual Signaling

Device, Visual Signaling -

Thisi s a British signal panel. It is plasticized canvas with a brown exterior. There are three panels on the inside that are white underneath and have dowel rods attached. Signal is performed by pulling the strings connected to the dowels.

Image of Book - Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney

Book - Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney

This is an autographed copy of "Nick: Collected Columns of Nick Clooney" by Nick Clooney. The book has a red-brown linen hardback cover. The dust cover is blue with caricature of Nick Clooney facing toward the left while wearing a blue suit with his hands in his pocket. Clooney's autograph on the interior of the book reads, "To the Kentucky / History Center / From Kentuckian, Nick Clooney / March, 1999."

Image of Disk, Optical - "Field Trip"

Disk, Optical - "Field Trip"

This is a CD entitled "Jean Ritchie Field Trip." On the front is a black and white photo of Jean Ritchie and another woman in 1954 sitting in front of a fireplace.

Image of Cover, Record - "Field Trip"

Cover, Record - "Field Trip"

This is an album cover for the record "Field Trip." The jacket cover has a black and white photo of Jean Ritchie and a woman sitting in front of a fireplace.

Image of Coin

Coin -

This one penny coin is round and made of copper. On the obverse is a bust image of Edward VII of Great Britain facing right. On the reverse is a seated Britannia holding a trident and shield. Secondary stamping on the reverse features the following text: "W L L / C C".

Image of Flag

Flag -

This cotton flag is a national flag of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This "union jack" or "union flag" is made of appliquéd segments of white and red fabric onto a blue field. The flag has a white-fimbriated symmetric red cross on a blue field with a white-fimbriated counterchanged diagonal cross of red and white. The machine stitched appliqué is with white and red thread to match the fabric. The hoist is reinforced by a strip of twill binding. The fly and hoist ends of the flag are finished by machine with the other sides are the selvages of the fabric. The back of the flag is solid blue and shows colored thread from the appliqué on the front of the flag. The hois

Image of Relic, Historic

Relic, Historic -

This is a commemorative shadow box with a stone that was broken down from the House of Commons in London, England during the German bombing raids of May 10, 1941. The shadow box is comprised of a deep wooden frame with a wooden backing board and a glass cover. There is a piece of stone with a gray medallion secured by three prongs at the center of backing board. The medallion has a floral motif in the center, and there is an inscription pressed around the outer edge that reads, "THIS STONE CAME FROM THE / HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT." There is a printed document inside the shadow box that explains the significance of the House of Commons and the German bombings of May 10, 1941. It reads as follo

Image of Print - English Flag

Print - English Flag

This print titled "Scotch Flag" is plate number 1 in "The American Flag" print set made by the Kentucky Works Progress Administration. The print features a watercolor image of the flag of England, consisting of a red cross with a white background. Below the flag is the title, "ENGLISH FLAG." The words "PLATE / NO.2" are printed in black in the lower left corner. A description of the flag is located in the right margin reads, "RED CROSS OF / ST. GEORGE ON / A WHITE FIELD."