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Image of Plate, Commemorative

Plate, Commemorative -

This is a plate with a blue transfer pattern. The image in the center is the Kansas Shawnee Mission. The plate commemorates the centennial of the mission. The building is a two story brick with two trees in the forefront. On the back the text reads "KANSAS SHAWNEE MISSION CENTENNIAL PLATE/DEDICATED IN HONOR OF THE VISIT TO CONFERENCE OF OUR/ PRESIDENT GENERAL, MRS. WILL IAM A. BECKER/ WICHITA, MARCH 19, 1937."

Image of Poster, Political

Poster, Political -

This political poster is printed on thin paper. At the top is a blue and red shield which provides a backdrop for the white text and two oval images on top. The text across the top reads "LANDON / AND / KNOX" in all capital white letters. Below this are blue and white photographs of Alf Landon (on the left) and Frank Knox (on the right). The photographers are in oval frames with a thin white border. Between the two photographs is the word "FOR" in white text. Under the images are very large letters, "US," which have an American flag design inside. A blue banner across the bottom of the poster has white text which declares "DEEDS ... Not DEFICITS." In the bottom right corner of the blue banner

Image of Lithograph - James B. McCreary

Lithograph - James B. McCreary

This two-sided lithograph print likely came out of a book and shows black and white printed photographs of the Hon. James B. McCreary of Kentucky on one side and the Hon. Chester I. Long of Kansas on the other. Beneath each of the photographs are the typed names of the respective men and the state they represent. The signatures of the men and their state are also handwritten beneath the text. McCreary's signature and state is in blue ink, and Long's is in black. There is copyright information regarding the photographs beneath each image. Each photograph has "Photographed for Boston Budget by Prince," typed in black ink on the left and "Photograph Copyrighted 1904 by The Budget Co." typed on t

Image of Poster, Political

Poster, Political -

This political poster is on thin white paper. Across the top is printed "ALF M. LANDON / Republican Nominee for President." Under this is a black and white photographic image of Alf Landon wearing a dark suit coat and glasses. The photograph is rectangular and has no frame or border. Partially overlapping the bottom of the photograph is a text box with the quote "That leadership along the trail / Which we have loved long since, / And lost awhile, / Has come to us again" printed inside. In the bottom right corner of the poster is a union trademark.

Image of Napkin

Napkin -

This Alf Landon song sheet napkin is made of thin, onion skin-like paper. It is square with a brown print of Alf Landon in the center on a sunflower. The corners of the napkin have drawings of a pig (labeled west), a cow (labeled north), cotton (labeled south), and factories (labeled east), also in brown. The song's lyrics, in brown, ridicule Franklin D. Roosevelt and James Farley to the tune of "Oh! Susanna."

Image of Hat, Campaign

Hat, Campaign -

This is a U.S. Army officer's campaign hat that is made of olive drab felt. The hat has a brown grosgrain ribbon band, officer's cords, four grommets, and a leather sweat band. The leather sweatband is made of textured leather, and there are oval-shaped metal grommets that are designed to be openings for a chin strap that is no longer intact. There is a small paper tag inside the hat that reads "7."

Image of Pin, Bar

Pin, Bar -

This brass pinback says, "Kansas City" in black letters with a flowery vine across the top, and may be missing a hanging medal.

Image of Patch, Insignia

Patch, Insignia -

This is a Boy Scout patch from Fort Riley. It is a circular patch with a yellow embroidered border. It has a blue and brown background and a black embroidered inscription. There is an image of a man on a horse in the center along the Boy Scout symbols.

Image of Letter

Letter -

This is a letter from Lilah A. Smith to her aunts to tell them about the clothes she is having made for her wedding. She describes the various articles of clothing in detail and includes swatches of the fabric for her aunts to look at. She also discusses her fiance and their plans for the wedding. She closes with some gossip about mutual friends and family. There is a typed transcript of this letter included in the file.

Image of Sample, Material

Sample, Material -

This is a sheet of fabric samples that were sent by Lilah Smith to her aunts in 1909. These are some of the fabrics that were used to make her wedding clothes. The samples are sewn to a sheet of paper and have typed labels that relate to the information Smith mentioned in her letter. The mounting and labeling were carried out later on. Smith likely sent these samples to her aunts unmounted in an envelope. There are eleven fabric samples in six groupings on the front of the sheet and two additional samples on the back.