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Image of Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-623

Churchill Weavers Collection - 2007.45.Box 31-623

Box 31-623 contains 4 baby blankets and 1 material sample of baby blanket fabric. All samples are woven in wool yarns of varying weave structures. Two blankets have an experimental number and a standard style number. The style numbers and numbers per style are 3B32 and 3403 (1 sample), 3B56 and 3445 (1 sample), 3B55 (1 sample), 3B58 (1 sample), 3B65 (1 sample). Style 3B56 blanket is woven in a plain weave structure of white warp and pink weft with rows of repeating white square floats. Style 3B58 material sample is woven in a combination of diamond twill and plain weave structures in white and sky blue warp and weft yarns. Style 3B55 blanket is woven in a plain weave structure of pink and whi

Image of Sign, Trade

Sign, Trade -

This is a cardboard sign for Waller's Taxi. This advertisement says, "Waller's Taxi / Call No. 11 / For Taxi Service / MAKES DRIVES TO-- / Uniontown, Waverly, Corydon / Henderson, Sturgis, Marion / Grove Center, Henshaw, DeKoven / Or Any Place / CALL AND ASK PRICES. / DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE / SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES / Day Phone 11 - Late Calls 216 / DODGE CLOSED CARS USED." The text is printed in black on tan cardboard, and the text is centered horizontally and vertically. The words "Waller's Taxi" are underlined twice. The words "day and night service" have a horizontal line above and below it to highlight the phrase.

Image of Engraving - Ashland, The Homestead of Henry Clay

Engraving - Ashland, The Homestead of Henry Clay

This is a hand-colored engraving of Henry Clay's home, Ashland. It depicts the home in the summer with trees in the foreground. Two female figures are on the front steps. One male figure is to the left of the house with two cows. In the foreground, there is an empty Windsor chair with a dog and blanket lying in front of it. Printed below the image, there is text that reads "Drawn by James Hamilton, after Daguerreotypes taken on the spot by J.M. Hewitt. Published by F. Hegan, Louisville, Ky, 1853. Engraved by J. Sartain." Below, there are three printed images. The image on the left shows a figure of the God Hermes holding a shield patterned with stars and stripes with tall ships and a factory

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a tied quilt of ecru silk damask. The main portion of the quilt is made up of six pieces that measure approximately forty-one inches in length and nineteen inches in width. There are another two pieces on one end that measure approximately forty-one inches in length and nine inches in width. There are two strips of dark blue silk on two sides. The blue borders are about four and one-half inches wide. The quilt is tied with a blue silk braid cord. The backing is sky blue polished cotton.

Image of Teacup

Teacup -

This is a small two piece set of Liverpool china. One piece (A) in this set is a small white teacup with gold gilding border trim. The opening trim is made of two gold lines. The gilding on the handle appears to have worn away with time. The second piece (B) is a small white saucer with gilding border trim as well. On the inside at its base, there is only one line and on the outside border there are four.

Image of Portrait - Landon Sneed

Portrait - Landon Sneed

This is a bust portrait of Landon Sneed. He has white hair and blue eyes. He is heavily wrinkled. He is wearing a dark grey coat, a white shirt, and a bluish gray vest. The shirt is open. The painting has a brown background. The painting is attributed to Chester Harding.

Image of Portrait - Joel T. Hart

Portrait - Joel T. Hart

This is a bust portrait of Joel Tanner Hart. The subject is painted against a green background. Hart has brown eyes, wavy or curly hair, and a full beard. He is wearing a black suit jacket and vest with a white shirt. The painting is signed in the upper left hand corner, "Dorothy Hart Drew." The painting is framed with a wooden gilt frame with a small label along the lower center edge that reads, "JOEL T. HART / 1810 - 1877."

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a log cabin courthouse steps variation pattern quilt top. It is made of 54 blocks, and it is six blocks wide by nine blocks tall. It is made of multicolor and patterned silk and ribbons. The center of each block is comprised of two strips of black or black with white pinstripes silk with a strip of coral red silk between the black pieces. The top and bottom strips of silk on each block tend to be black or another dark color. The darker shades of the silk and ribbons generally run down the center of each block while the brighter and lighter shades are to the sides of the block. The quilt topper is backed with squares of brown calicoes of different patterns. Several of the "right side

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This log cabin pattern quit has quilt blocks in reds, blues, greens, browns and blacks. There are six rows and six columns of ten inch squares. Each square is made of 21 pieces of fabric. The colors are grouped in bands creating an overall diamond pattern. From a distance the pattern is like squares stacked on each other and getting progressively smaller, first green, brown, blue, pink& blue, red, and then pink & blue in the center. The black fabric is made of wool as are some of the other fabrics. There are several patterned fabrics including two brown plaids, a red with white diamonds, a green background with multi-colored floral, a red background with repeating oval decoration, a red-

Image of Painting - Philadelphia Building

Painting - Philadelphia Building

This is a painting of a building on the southwest corner of 7th and Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The building is a three-story red brick with dormers on the roof. The windows on the first and second floors of the front and the first floor of the side have white shutters. There is a man and woman (in yellow dress) in front of the house. There is a man and child entering the building on the side. There is another man standing in the side yard. There is a lamp post in the center foreground.

Image of Trap, Bear

Trap, Bear -

This bear trap is made of worked iron. It has a base of iron 12 ½" long and 1 ¼" wide. In the center a release (or "dog") is welded to it which sticks out perpendicularly. The trigger (or pan) is missing. On each end of the base, the jaws of the trap are attached with a hinge and the jaws are smooth. Two springs, shaped like a "V", are at each end of the jaws. They sit perpendicular to the base and jaws, in the setting position. The springs have round openings at the wide end. The hinged end of the jaws sit in the spring openings. The opening of one spring is larger than the opening of the other spring. The former is also broken at the small end.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This is a crazy quilt made of satins, silks, and velvets with decorative stitches and embroidery. The top of this quilt is made of 20 pieced blocks, and it is four blocks wide by five blocks tall. Each block is made up of a variety of colorful fabrics in solids, plaids, stripes, polka dots, florals, and other prints. The edges of the piecework and blocks have colorful decorative stitches such as feather, fly, blanket, and herringbone. The cotton or wool thread is blue, pink, orange, green, red, brown, purple, white, gray, and brown. Several of the blocks embroidered or appliquéd designs featuring a bird bath, balloons, moons, umbrellas, and bells. There are two appliquéd paper birds with stuf

Image of Coverlet

Coverlet -

This blue and white coverlet has a "Nine Snowballs" pattern. The coverlet is constructed of three vertical panels of woven material of white linen warp and weft and blue wool second weft. The two panels on the right are 28 ¾ inches wide. The panel on the left is a partial panel that is only 14 inches wide. It is placed so that the same stripe that is on the left edge is repeated on the right edge. The repeat is 7 ½ inches wide and 8 ½ inches high. The repeat includes a narrow stripe that has nine snowballs over three small white vertical stripes. The wide stripe has a large square made up of four small blue squares under three small white horizontal stripes. The top and bottom edges

Image of Sampler - State Seal Sampler

Sampler - State Seal Sampler

This is a cross-stitch sampler of the state seal of Kentucky. It has an off-white background and the slogan is in blue with green leaves and yellow goldenrod. The frame is gold colored

Image of Sheet

Sheet -

This is a handwoven linen sheet. The top and bottem edge have a narrow hem sewen by hand. The side edges are salvage edges. There is an inscription on the top hem that reads "Mrs. Grant Green" hand written in ink.

Image of Button, Political

Button, Political -

This is a circular celluloid process metal political button for the gubernatorial campaign of Larry Hopkins in 1991. The button has a dark blue background with yellow lettering that reads "HOPKINS/ For/ GOVERNOR". There is a safety pin closure attached to the back of the button.

Image of Wheel, Spinning

Wheel, Spinning -

This is a walking spinning wheel. It is made of wood. It has a diagonal board that supports the wheel and spool arm on top and three legs on the bottom. The wheel is very large and has 12 spokes. It is attached to the board with a wooden arm.

Image of Quilt, Bed

Quilt, Bed -

This Victorian crazy quilt is constructed of pieced blocks that measure approximately 12.5" x 12.5" each. The quilt is five blocks wide by four blocks tall. Each block is made of various colored pieces of velvet, silk satins, and woven brocade in a variety of plain, print, and striped fabrics that have decorative stitches of different colors along the seams. The most prominent colors are red gold, blue, green, tan, and black. The quilt is pieced with elaborate embroidery and appliqué. The embroidered designs are created using a variety of methods such as chain stitch embroidery, silk embroidery, ribbon embroidery, and chenille thread embroidery. There are several designs that are painted on

Image of Matchbook

Matchbook -

This is a matchbook from Brereton Jones 1987 run for Lt. Governor. It is white with red and blue text. On the flap "BRERETON JONES/DEMOCRAT/for/LT. GOVERNOR" and on the back is a blue photograph of Jones.

Image of Quilt

Quilt -

This Masonic ribbon quilt is made of red velvet and several Masonic ribbons. The ribbons came from badges worn at the annual meeting of the Grand Commandery of Kentucky. This quilt incorporates many different ribbons that are placed around a center cross and crown and bordered with skillful embroidery. In the center of the quilt, there is a dark red velvet block with gold hand-embroidered cross and crown symbol, specifically a cross passing through a crown. The edges of the velvet block are stitched with a gold decorative fence-like pattern. Each side of the red block has two ribbons, a gold ribbon and a gray ribbon, stitched next to it. Sets of two to three ribbons are stitched next to one a