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Term Mourning

Associated Records

Image of Undershirt

Undershirt -

A black knit undershirt, worn as part of a mourning ensemble.

Image of Quilt

Quilt -

This quilt is widely known as the graveyard quilt. The quilt is made of cotton fabrics in shades of brown. The pattern features 8 pointed stars alternating with blocks of brown calico. The center depicts a graveyard surrounded by a picket fence with a trellis with climbing roses. It also has angels in the corner and several coffins. The border of the quilt is another picket fence with more coffins. Walnut hull dyes were used for the brown fabrics. Names of several family members are attached to some of the coffins on small strips of paper.

Image of Chain, Watch

Chain, Watch -

This is a braided hair watch chain or fob. It is made of three cords with tight, medium, and loose weave twisted together. Hair is wrapped around paper beads at the ends and on one bead in the middle. There is a corded loop made of hair at each end.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a black crepe mourning veil. There are three bands on each end made of the same fabric.

Image of Bracelet

Bracelet -

This is a hair bracelet that was woven with a net pattern on the edges and a looped braided pattern in the center. At the ends are two braided strands per sides making strings to tie it on to the wrist.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a black silk crepe veil. The sides of the veil have rolled hem edges and the ends have hand stitched hems. One end has a 1.5" hem, and the opposite end has a 3" hem.

Image of Bracelet

Bracelet -

This is a woven hair bracelet with a brass clasp. The brass clasp is rectangular in shape with an octagonal face and an oval decorative window on the front face. Inside the clasp is more hair woven in a pattern. Part b is a hinged case made of wood with read paper on the surfaces to mimic leather. The case has two brass hooks for the closure and there is cushioning inside.

Image of Veil, Mourning

Veil, Mourning -

This black silk organza mourning veil has a narrow hand sewn hem all around. There is a border of various widths; 5.5 inches and 3.5 inches on the short ends and 2 inches on the long ends.

Image of Ornament, Mourning

Ornament, Mourning -

This is a lock of John Floyd's hair in a brass oval frame. The hair is dark brown or black curled in a circle. There is a piece of paper behind the hair inscribed "John Floyd's hair." The frame has a decoration of pressed brass around the outside and a "Y" shaped stand on the back.

Image of Scarf

Scarf -

This is a pleated and ruffled black silk scarf or stole. There are long ties that are ruffled and pleated as well.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a black silk crepe veil with a 9" hand stitched hem on one edge. The opposite side has a one inch hand stitched hem and the other two sides have a selvedge edge.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a black silk crepe veil. The sides of the veil have selvedge edges and the ends have hand stitched hems. One end has a .75" hem, and the opposite end has a 6" hem.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a large rectangular gray-lavender crepe scarf. It has hems on two edges and silk ribbons on the other two edges.

Image of Pall, Funeral

Pall, Funeral -

This is a black worsted wool casket cover or pall. It has black fringe on both ends. The sides has selvedge edges. It is made of plain cloth. There is no pattern or decoration on the fabric. There seems to have been some kind of vertical embroidery or stitched design in the middle. Most of it is missing now.

Image of Fan, Hand

Fan, Hand -

This black silk mourning fan has solid black wooden ribs or blades with carved scrollwork on the guards. The wooden sticks are thin with three wider circular sections in the center. The leaf is made of sheer black silk that has been machine stitched along the edges to prevent fraying. The head of the fan is rounded with a black metal rivet through the sticks and a round metal loop suspended from the rivet.

Image of Veil

Veil -

This is a black silk crepe veil. One side has 3.25 inch wide hem. The opposite side has a 3/4 inch wide hem. The other two sides have selvedge edges. There is no pattern or decoration on the veil.

Image of Cloth, Mourning

Cloth, Mourning -

This is a plain black cotton piece of fabric. It is hemmed on two sides and the other two are selvedge edges. Two of the sides have a heavier weave creating the appearance of a border.

Image of Glove

Glove -

This is a pair of white kid mourning gloves with black kid cuff. The left glove is A, and the right glove is B. The gloves have black lace and white embroidery on the back of each hand that is arranged in three stripes. On the palm side is an opening from the bottom of the palm to the wrist with a two metal snaps. The snaps are black on top with a diagonal line border and the letters "ML" in the center. Inside the left glove is stamped "MADE IN FRANCE / Liselle / 0863 / 993." Inside the right glove is stamped "0863" and the size 5 ½ inside a shield shape.

Image of Plume

Plume -

This funeral plume consists of seven black ostrich feathers with split bases. Some of the "feathers" are actually more than one feather or pieces of feathers connected at the base and tied on the upper parts with black cotton string. Wire is inserted into the cores of the feathers and wrapped with hemp or linen, silk thread, and black florist's tape. The plume was intended to be used on horses for funeral processions.

Image of Shawl

Shawl -

This is a large black cotton gauze mourning shawl with a three inch knotted fringe.