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Image of Portrait - Portrait of Martha Viley

Portrait - Portrait of Martha Viley

This is a painted photograph of Martha Viley in an oval frame. The subject is depicted as a young girl with her hair parted in the middle wearing a blue ruffled top dress with a red ribbon/necklace around her neck.

Image of Magazine - Magazine, Woman's World

Magazine - Magazine, Woman's World

This is one issue of Woman's World from January 1913. On the front is the profile of a woman wearing a black hat with pink flowers, and a black dress with a white collar with a pink flower on the bosom. The artist's name and the date the woman was drawn is written in black ink below the drawing: "ARCHIE GUNN / 1912". "WOMAN'S WORLD" is printed in black ink at the top. On the bottom center of the page, also in black ink, is typed "CHICAGO, JANUARY, 1913 / 5 CENTS A COPY." In the lower left corner is printed, "Over Two Million / a Month- / Largest / Paid in Advance / Circulation / in the World" in black ink. Printed on thin white paper. The back has an ad for "INSTANT POSTUM" depicting a woman

Image of Portrait - Governor Simeon S. Willis

Portrait - Governor Simeon S. Willis

This bust portrait shows Governor Willis wearing a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie. He has gray hair and light colored eyes.

Image of Portrait - Vene P. Armstrong

Portrait - Vene P. Armstrong

This is a bust portrait of Vene P. Armstrong. The subject is depicted facing forward but his body is turned to the viewer's right. The subject is wearing a black suit, waistcoat and tie with a white collared shirt. A watch chain and fob are attached to the waistcoat. Armstrong is depicted with brown hair and a brown moustache.

Image of Painting - Unknown man

Painting - Unknown man

This is an oval pastel of a man. He has a receding hair line and gray/white hair on the sides. He is wearing a white shirt, dark jacket and a brown tie. There is a gold tie pin near the top of the tie.

Image of Portrait - Ann Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge

Portrait - Ann Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge

This is a bust portrait of Ann Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge (Mrs. Robert J. Breckinridge). She has brown hair parted in the middle with curls on the sides. She has brown eyes and thin arched brows. She is wearing a black dress and a tan shawl trimmed in red, blue, and yellow paisley. There is a grey-brown background.

Image of Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

Portrait - Abraham Lincoln

This is a three-quarter portrait of a beardless Abraham Lincoln. It is an oil on canvas, and it was painted by Charles Sneed Williams. Williams' signature is in the upper right hand corner and it reads, "Charles Sneed Williams, 1932." Lincoln is depicted with dark hair that is combed and parted on his left side. He is wearing a black suit jacket and pants with a white shirt, tan vest, and black bow tie. He is wearing a dark cloak. His right hand is grasping onto his jacket lapel. His left hand is holding a top hat, and it is propped up on his left knee. In the right background, there is a column or pillar. The rest of the background is comprised of shades of tan, brown, and black. The black a

Image of Portrait - Charlotte Robertson Letcher

Portrait - Charlotte Robertson Letcher

The subject of this portrait is Charlotte Robertson Letcher. She is depicted seated in a red chair wearing a dark dress with lace cuffs. There is a white chiffon or silk type cloth around her neck. The background is dark with a drapery on left side.

Image of Portrait - Edmund H. Taylor

Portrait - Edmund H. Taylor

This portrait of Edmund H. Taylor is a portrait bust of a man that appears to be seated. The subject is depicted with brown hair and blue-grey eyes and is wearing a dark brown coat, dark green vest, a brown and green shirt. The background is brown and has a red chair with brown crest.

Image of Portrait - Reverend John Gano

Portrait - Reverend John Gano

This is a bust portrait of the Reverend John Gano. His left hand holds a book and he has grey hair and eyes. He is wearing a black coat, white shirt and ecclesiastical collar. The painting is on a dark grey-brown background. The painting is surrounded by an oak frame that is surrounded by pressed leather. The outer frame is oak as well.

Image of Portrait - General Winfield Scott

Portrait - General Winfield Scott

This bust portrait depicts General Winfield Scott with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. The subject is wearing a blue military uniform with gold buttons, braid and epaulets and a white collar. The epaulets show three white stars on the top. The background is green and brown.

Image of Portrait - Henry Clay

Portrait - Henry Clay

This bust portrait of Henry Clay depicts him with blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a white shirt, black jacket, waistcoat and cravat. He has a receding hair line but his hair is long on the sides. He is facing the viewer's left. There is a green background.

Image of Portrait - George Washington Brashear

Portrait - George Washington Brashear

This is a waist-length portrait of George Washington Brashear. He has black hair; grey eyes and is wearing a black suit and tie with a white shirt. The background is light brown with column to the right. To the subject's left there is a table with a red cloth with a stack of light brown books (with red and green on spines). There is a stack of papers tied with a red ribbon and to the side of them is a a black inkstand with grey quill pen. The subject is sitting in a reddish brown chair.

Image of Portrait - Eliza Whitney Bullock

Portrait - Eliza Whitney Bullock

This is a bust portrait of Eliza Whitney Bullock. She is a woman in her late 20's wearing a dark off-the-shoulder gown. She has a long neck and is wearing a heavy folded wrap. The wrap may be red velvet with a fur trim. Her hair is gathered in back and has bangs combed to the sides in style of the 1840s. The background is dark.

Image of Portrait - Lavinia Estill

Portrait - Lavinia Estill

This bust portrait of Lavinia Estill depicts her wearing a blue off-the-shoulder dress with lace trim at the neckline and the edges of the cap sleeves. Her left hand rests on a brown wicker basket filled with flowers. She is wearing a blue beaded necklace and earrings. Her hair is dark brown with long finger curls and has pearls woven through it. She has brown eyes and dark brown eyebrows.

Image of Portrait - Jefferson Davis

Portrait - Jefferson Davis

This is a three-quarter length portrait of Jefferson Davis. This oil on canvas painting depicts Davis with gray hair and a chin beard. He is facing toward the right. He is wearing a white shirt with a black tie, black vest, black pants, and a black dress jacket with notched lapels. His left hand is resting on two books that are on top of a table that is covered with a dark red cloth. The background is dark gray with a deep red or brown drapery with three golden tassels depicted on the left. On the right, there is a column or a pillar. The gilt wood frame has a leaf and vine pattern with a plaque at the bottom center that reads, "JEFFERSON DAVIS. PRES'T OF SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY 1961-65 / PRESEN

Image of Portrait - Thomas Ware

Portrait - Thomas Ware

This is a bust portrait of Thomas Ware. The painting is in an oval frame. Ware is wearing a dark sack coat, white shirt, and black tie. He is facing forward and is scowling.

Image of Portrait - Gretna Cobb Davis

Portrait - Gretna Cobb Davis

This is a bust portrait of Gretna Cobb Davis. The subject is depicted as an older woman with grey hair. The subject is wearing a blue dress top/suit coat with a lighter blue shirt beneath. She has on blue earrings and two pink flowers are attached to her coat/dress. The subject is facing forward in the portrait and the state of Texas is depicted in the upper right corner of the background in pink.

Image of Portrait - William Henry Harrison

Portrait - William Henry Harrison

This is a full length portrait of William Henry Harrison. It shows him with gray hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a dark gray coat and trousers, a black vest, stock, and shoes and a white shirt. There is a gold watch chain and fob hanging from his vest. His left hand rests on a table with a red table cover that is trimmed in gold. Also on the table is a blue and gold inkstand with grey quill pen and a piece of white paper. In addition there are leather bound books on the right side of the table and underneath the table. His right hand holds a gold sword in a gold scabbard. In the mid-ground is a red drapery with gold brocade design. There is a light brown fluted columns to the right with r

Image of Drawing - William Goebel

Drawing - William Goebel

This is a pastel on paper bust portrait of Governor William Goebel in profile. He is facing toward the right. Goebel is wearing a brown suit with notched lapels, a brown vest, brown tie, and a white shirt with a standing collar.