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Term Whig Party

Associated Records

Image of Poster

Poster -

This is a 1844 presidential campaign poster for the Whig party. The text on the poster reads: "Rally! Come Rally; bright beams of the day; Freedom's soul is now bursting to shout for our Clay; Come rally! come rally, a charge and a shout, As the blast of our bugle rings cheerily out: Come rally! Come rally! one effort to save 'The land of the free and the home of the brave.' Oh list! the Clay bugle has sounded the call, And its Soldiers are pouring from hamlet and hall To flock round the standard of justice and right, In the pride of their soul and the strength of their might And woe to the foemen who stand in their way As they press the proud victory for Markle and Clay!" Under the te

Pen, Fountain -

This gold-gilt brass pen belonged to Governor Robert Perkins Letcher. It has a hexagonal hollow-shafted barrel. The barrel has etched scrolls or tight chain decoration on the sides. One side is undecorated, but is lightly engraved with "Bob Letcher". There is a sliding carrying ring with loop. An ornate sliding ring was once attached to a slot at the top to work ink flow. This ring is now slides freely up and down the shaft. The brass nib retracts into the barrel through a second, working ornate sliding ring at the bottom. The cap consists of a decorated screw-on top. The cap's sides are decorated with alternating flute and acanthus leaves. The top of the cap has a faceted rose-colored st

Image of Print - Henry Clay

Print - Henry Clay

This mezzotint is a full figure image of Henry Clay standing with his right arm extended and pointing, and his left hand knuckles down on a table top. The table is covered with a cloth and contains a document, which Clay's hand also rests on top of, an inkstand with quill, and books. There is a large globe and two large books filling the left foreground. Clay is wearing dark trousers and waistcoat, a vest, a white shirt with upturned collar, and cravat. There are columns in the left and right backgrounds. Below the print, to the left is printed, "PAINTED BY JAMES WISE." To the right is printed, "ENGRAVED BY J. SARTAIN." The portrait's name "HENRY CLAY" is typed at the bottom center of the pa

Image of Ribbon, Political

Ribbon, Political -

This is a white or cream satin ribbon with printed images and inscriptions regarding the 1844 Presidential election. The ribbon is unfinished on the top and bottom. The printed area is done in black and consists of a bust of Henry Clay in a wreath consisting of corn and grain on the left and oak leaves and acorns on the right. Below this image is an image of a man on a horse traveling down a road toward a mill and village. The inscription reads: “Henry Clay/ The People’s Choice/ The Pride of America./ Frelinghuysen.”