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Object Name Fan, Hand
Common Name Fan, Political
Catalog Number 1989.23.19
Maker Celerity Specialty Co.
Date ca. 1925
Material(s) Paper
Dimensions H-10.625 W-8 inches
Description This hand fan is made of thin cardboard in a tan color and once had a wooden handle/paddle attached to the back which has since been lost. The front of the fan has small, one inch, square portraits of each President of the United States from George Washington until Calvin Coolidge which surround a picture of the U.S. Capitol Building. Under the last row of portraits is a white text box with capital black letters that read "Who's Next." Under this, on the handle section of the fan, a brown text box has white lettering in a fancy script which reads "Presidents / of the / United States / from / Washington / to / Coolidge." The entire front of the fan has a border of half-ovals one right next to the other. The back of the fan has an advertisement for a bank. In brown capital letters it reads "keep cool / and / keep an account with." Below this, in fancy, larger brown script is "The Georgetown National Bank." The next line is in smaller print and is a slogan which says "'The bank of personal service.'" Finally, another line of capital, brown text reads "This bank appreciates your business." To the bottom left of this block of text is another, much smaller text block; the lettering is very small and reads "Celerity Specialty Co. / Cincinnati, O."
Notes This is an advertising piece used by various businesses across the United States around the time of the 1924 Presidential Election. The design on the front of the fan was always identical but the advertisements on the back changed from place to place. This piece was created to advertise the Georgetown National Bank. The front of the fan asks "Who's Next" at the bottom of the list of presidents. The answer is Calvin Coolidge, the incumbent Republican, who won the 1924 election.

This object was donated on November 28, 1989 by Drexell R. Davis. Davis, a self-described "Yellow Dog" Democrat, held several elected positions in the Kentucky state government. His thirty-three years of public service prompted his interest in collecting political memorabilia.
Collection Drexell R. Davis Collection
People Washington, George
Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Jefferson, Thomas
Madison, James
Monroe, James
Jackson, Andrew
VanBuren, Martin
Harrison, William Henry
Johnson, Andrew
Grant, Ulysses S.
Tyler, John
Proctor, John R.
Polk, James K. (James Knox)
Fillmore, Millard
Pierce, Franklin
Buchanan, James
Lincoln, Abraham
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard
Garfield, James A.
Taylor, Zachary
Cleveland, Grover
Harrison, Benjamin
McKinley, William
Roosevelt, Theodore
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Arthur, Chester A.
Taft, William Howard
Wilson, Woodrow
Harding, Warren G.
Coolidge, Calvin
Subjects Banks
Political candidates
Political elections
Politics & government
Presidential candidates
Presidential elections
Presidential terms of office
Search Terms Advertisements
Capitol building
Cincinnati (Ohio)
Fan, Hand
Fan, Political
Physical Holder Kentucky Historical Society - KHS