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Object Name Postcard
Catalog Number 2005.6.25
Date ca. 1912
Material(s) Paper
Dimensions H-5.5 W-3.5 inches
Description The front of this postcard is brown with brown ink and features a double-lined frame around an image of a young boy wearing a military hat and riding a stick horse. The up-turned brim of the hat has U. S. on it with crossed swords between the letters. The boy is wearing glasses similar to those worn by Theodore Roosevelt, a polka-dot scarf around his neck, military-style gloves, and short pants seen through the bottom of his coat. His socks are sagging, and he's wearing dark shoes with a strap. Behind the boy's head is an American flag with 47 stars in it. Below the boy's image is a line of the border and then "Rough Rider" hand-lettered and centered below. Below the word "Rider" and extending to the right is a line that reads, "Copyright 1909 by Roth and Langley, N.Y."
The back of the postcard is white with black print. The words "Post Card" are in large capital letters centered across the top. A line separates the message section from the address section, and above the address section it reads, "You may write Your Message Here," in italicized letters. At the top of the address section, it reads, "This side for the Address Only," also in italics. There appears to be a printed rectangle at the top right, now mostly covered by a green one-cent stamp featuring an image of Benjamin Franklin. This card has been used and has cursive writing on the back in pencil. The message section has some loss at the beginning, but it appears to say, "Dear girl, How are you? / Would just give anything to see / you. / Tell Ethyl to hurry and write / Grace. (Ans. soon) / Mrs. J. R. Bledsoe / Hartsburg, Ind." Written in the address section in pencil, it reads, "Miss Laura Dyer / 6909 Independence Road / Kansas City, Mo." The postmark is within a circle and says across the top "Hartsburg / Apr / 13 / PM / 1912 / MO."
Notes Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. president. When the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898, he resigned from the Department of the Navy and formed a volunteer cavalry regiment that fought in Cuba called the Rough Riders. He was governor of New York in 1898 and U.S. vice-president in 1900. When President McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Roosevelt became president at age 42. In the 1912 election, he launched the Bull Moose Party, calling for far-reaching progressive reforms.

The date of this postcard is 1912, if the 47 stars in the flag drawing accurately reflect the number of states in the union at that time. Two states were admitted to the union before Alaska and Hawaii, New Mexico in January 1912 and Arizona in February 1912. That would put the date of this postcard drawing to 1912.
Collection Drexell R. Davis Collection
People Roosevelt, Theodore
Subjects Politicians
Search Terms Republicans
Rough Riders
Physical Holder Kentucky Historical Society - KHS