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Object Name Handbill
Catalog Number 1989.23.30
Date ca. 1962
Material(s) Paper
Dimensions H-5.5 W-3.5 inches
Description This is a handbill for a political campaign of M.G. "Gene" Snyder and autographed by him. The front is a photograph of Mr. Snyder seated on the edge of a desk in an office with a leather chair, books on shelves, and curtained window. Behind the desk is the American flag and through the window can be seen the U.S. Capitol. Mr. Snyder is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and shoes, with a white handkerchief in the subject's left breast pocket and a pin in his lapel. Below the photo is black lettering on white paper that says, "Your friend in Washington / M. G. "Gene" Snyder / Member of Congress -- Third Dist. of Ky." Across the bottom of the photo written in dark ink and large script are the words, "Best Wishes / Gene Snyder."
There is no image on the back but lettering in black ink. Centered at the top in bold type, it says, "In 1962 I Pledged to Support:". Below that in bold, it says, "Federal economy, local medical care, national security, / local school control, the Un-American Activities Com- / mittee, reduction of foreign aid, and private enterprise. Centered in bold below that, it says, "I have fulfilled these pledges by voting . . ." Below that is a list divided into three sections, "FOR," "AGAINST," and "INTRODUCED," all in bold and capital letters. The first section reads "FOR--H.J. Res. 245 (Restrict Congressional travel). / H.R. 7544 (State aid maternal & crippled children). / S. 1576 (State Aid mental health). / H.R. 2440 ( Planes, missiles, etc.). / H.R. 6500 (Military base construction). / H.R. 7500 (NASA Appropriation). / H. Res. 249 (Expenses Un-Amer. Activ. Comm.). / H.R. 8363 (Federal tax cut)." The second section reads "AGAINST --H.R. 8969 (Increase national debt limit). / H.R. 8986 (Congressional Pay Raise). / H.R. 6755 (Extend excise & corp. tax). / S. 777 (Arms control and disarmament). / H.R. 9499 (Russian wheat deal and credit). / H.R. 6143 (Federal aid to education). / H.R. 7885 ($3.59 billion foreign aid)." The third section reads "INTRODUCED--H.J. Res. 206 (Balanced Budget). / H. Res. 230 (Against federal competition-private business). / H.R. 7746 (Require development of free enterprise under Foreign Aid). / H.R. 7748 (Earmark foreign aid funds to promote private enterprise)." Next is this in bold: "My platform remains the same. I ask for your vote and your support to carry on in the spirit of Lincoln's words:" and then this paragraph in italics, "'You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.' A. Lincoln"
Centered at the bottom is a union label, a horizontal oval shape that says, "Allied Printing" across the top and "Louisville" across the bottom. Across the center, it says, "Trade Council" with an encircled "Union Label" between the words "trade" and "council." To the left of the union label is the number 22.
Written horizontally across the back in blue ink pen, it says, "Best Wishes / Gene Snyder."
Notes Gene Snyder was an attorney from Louisville and Republican representative for Kentucky's third district in Congress from 1963 to 1965 and from 1967 to 1987.
Media Links Congress website for members' biographies
Collection Drexell R. Davis Collection
People Snyder, Marion Eugene "Gene"
Subjects Handbills
Search Terms Jefferson County (Ky.)
Physical Holder Kentucky Historical Society - KHS